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Electric Mustang reinvented in London

by Retrofit-Daily

A new automobile manufacturer, Charge Automotive designs and markets electric Mustangs built from Ford-licensed parts. The design is directly inspired by the mustang mk1, the mythical “pony car” launched by Ford in 1967.

Electric Mustang
The electric “Mustang” designed and imagined across the Channel

The electric Mustang, from pony to muscle car…

Presented at Goodwood in 2019, this electric Mustang is reminiscent of the famous “pony cars” that left their mark on the American automobile industry in the 1960’s. “Exit” the V8 engine… This zero-emission Mustang is equipped with an electric motor installed in each wheel that allows for all-wheel drive, with a power output of 544 horsepower. The 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) test is announced in less than 4 seconds for a top speed of 240 km/h… Enough to move immediately into the “Muscle car” category.

electric Mustang
electric Mustang
The interior of the model is equipped with a Tesla-inspired touch screen

An electric Mustang from parts

Ford, manufacturer of the Mustang mk1 produced from 1964 to nearly 3 million units, still markets spare parts for the famous model. Complete bodies under Ford licence are also available for sale. 

Charge Automotive was thus able to design its “all parts” model by sourcing from the American manufacturer, to give birth to a completely new model of Mustang… transformed into a clean car! A nice wink when you know how greedy the V8 engine is on a 1964 American car…

A logo in the shape of a cross is placed on the front grille instead of the iconic horse to “brand” the vehicle with the British manufacturer’s insignia.

A clean car. At an extraordinary price…

To drive this new-generation Mustang designed on the British side of the Atlantic, you’ll still have to spend over €330,000. If the price seems unbelievable… The 320 kilometres of autonomy added to a 350 kw engine and a traction capacity of 1200 Nm (Newton meters) also make it an exceptional car from this point of view.

Reservations and options can be found on their website.

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Ford and the great history of the pony car

Imagined by Ford in 1964 with the release of the Mustang, the pony car concept is a category of affordable and sporty American cars. Built on the mechanical basis of a mass-produced compact car, they are generally equipped with a specific bodywork and offer a choice of engines ranging from six-cylinder (2.8 litres) to V8 (up to 7.4 litres).
Pony cars look sportier than cars of that era, are among the most famous, the Ford Mustang (1964), the Chevrolet Camaro (1967), Pontiac GTO (1961) . A little more muscle…? When equipped with V8 engines, reinforced suspensions and adapted gearboxes, pony cars become muscle cars.

To discover the presentation video of the electric Mustang designed by Charge Automotive:

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