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Electric Jaguar E Type, the most beautiful of the zero-emission cars

by Retrofit-Daily

Unveiled in London in September 2017, the Jaguar E-Type Zero had just emerged from Jaguar’s classic car restoration department. True to its DNA, this transformation was already combining the aerodynamics typical of the E-Type with the new performance of the electric car. A dream with eyes wide open already two years ago…

electric Jaguar E-Type
Jaguar E-Type electric or E-Type Zero to be shown in London in 2017

It’s a 1968 Jaguar E-Type, but not that…

In September 2017, at the Tech Fest show in London, the British brand unveiled a restored 1968 Type E, but with a few special features. The six-cylinder in-line engine of “The most beautiful car ever produced” had then given way to 40 kWh batteries.

Now the electric Jaguar E Type, or “E-Type Zero” for the British, the transformation of a combustion car into an electric one, even if it is a Jaguar, requires the respect of a few principles, starting with the weight of the vehicle. The electric motor and gearbox (220 kW, or 300 hp) were placed just behind the batteries, where the gearbox was originally located. 

Locations of the electric motor and battery pack installed on the Jaguar Type e electric
electric Jaguar E-Type
Locations of the electric motor and battery pack installed on the Jaguar Type e electric

Careful reversible conversion

The respect of the weight distribution of the original E Type and the absence of chassis modification, allows a reversible conversion, by re-housing the original combustion engine without any work. The electric unit used for this conversion can be installed in any Jaguar XK of the same period, equipped with the same six-cylinder engine. 

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The interior has evolved slightly with the arrival of a screen and a modern centre console. For a light touch of avant-gardism on this “neo-retro” E Type.

The director of Jaguar Land Rover Classic commented in 2017: “The E Type Zero combines the dynamism of the E Type with enhanced performance thanks to its electrification. This unique combination provides a breathtaking driving experience. With the E Type Zero, we want classic cars to stand the test of time.

Jaguar Type E
Jaguar Type E Electric or E Type Zero presented in London in 2017

Slightly enhanced performance for a car with character

The 0-100km/h takes only 5.5 seconds, 1 second less than a E Type Series 1. The electric Jaguar E Type is therefore faster than in its original thermal version.

The E Type Zero was then equipped with a specially developed 220 kW electric motor with lithium-ion batteries, which is similar in size and weight to the original 6-cylinder XK engine. The use of this powertrain allowed the car’s structure, including the suspension and brakes, to be retained and thus simplified its conversion and homologation. 

Tim Hannig explains: “In order to seamlessly combine the electric powertrain with the settings of the original E Type, we have limited the power of the car to maximise driving pleasure. »

The electric Jaguar E Type still has a real personality. With a preserved weight distribution between front and rear, driving, handling and braking remain the same as the original E Type.  The E Type Zero offered a range of 270 km, with a 40 kWh battery that can be recharged in 6 to 7 hours depending on the terminal.

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