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Grenoble Metropole, first local authority to offer conversion aid for electric retrofit

by Retrofit-Daily

In its new program of help and solution to circulate and pollute less, Grenoble-Alpes Métropole supports the retrofit and offers professionals and
private individuals a conversion aid from €4,000 to €6,000. An exemplary initiative just a few days before the official arrival of electric retrofit in France.

Grenoble, 1st city to help retrofit
Grenoble, a pioneering and active territory in terms of air quality protection
Photo: Fabe Collage

To be able to drive in Crit’Air with the retrofit

From March 2020, it will be possible to convert petrol or diesel vehicles to the new generation more than 5 years in electric vehicles (more than 3 years for 2-wheelers) and to ride on the territory in Crit’Air 0 sticker. Retrofit will offer a new alternative of mobility while at the same time providing a circular and virtuous economy solution with a high potential of development.

Aids including retrofit for private and professional utilities

Professionals and private individuals can benefit from financial aid from the Grenoble Metropolis, by changing the thermal engine of their commercial vehicle (< 2.5t. up to 3.5t.) and thus drive with zero emissions! These conversion aids are to be found on their site, and their low emission zone policy.

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The conditions of the conversion aid set by the metropolis:

For the time being, this aid only concerns commercial vehicles, including for private individuals. For electric, LPG and CNG conversions.

For private individuals:
– They are indexed on the income of the fiscal household, and can go up to 7 200€.
(2 categories: <2.5t and above).

For companies:
– €4,000 for a van under 2.5t and €6,000 above (up to 7t), up to 5 vehicles per company.
– Companies concerned with less than 250 employees (associations and
(including the liberal professions)

Grenoble, first town to support Retrofit in France
ZFE, low emission zone in Grenoble

Where can I find electric recharging stations in Grenoble?

The Grenoble metropolis already has 38 electric recharging stations and 1 station
hydrogen. To find out the addresses of the stations, a dynamic map is available on their website.
A new deployment of recharging stations is also planned between now and summer 2021, including:

  • 27 terminals on existing stations in Grenoble and La Tronche
  • 15 terminals minimum of accelerated charging, close to cultural, sports or tourist places
  • 26 bollards (each with 2 load points) distributed in 12 car park relays
  • 3 to 4 terminals in each public car park “Park Grenoble Alpes Métropole”
Retrofit is now in Grenoble
“Change is now” in Grenoble

The Actors of the Electrical Retrofit Industry (AIRe association) welcome this French first

“The support of the Grenoble Metropolis, which has always been a pioneering and active territory in the protection of air quality is an important reference. After months work to obtain approval and just a few days before the draft order is published retrofit to the Official Journal of the French Republic, the members of the AIRe association
will be able to better develop the sector in partner regions and cities. At the same as a new or used electric vehicle, the conversion to electric must be supported by the state and the regions. Therefore we call all French regions, the communities and all candidates in municipal elections to include the electric retrofit in their programs. A real conversion or transformation premium is more virtuous than a scrappage bounty. It’s pure circular economy and real good news… for professionals and private individuals who wish to keep their vehicles” stresses Arnaud Pigounides, Co-President of AIRe.

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