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Behind the scenes at EV West for the retrofit of a Porsche 356 Speedster

by Retrofit-Daily

The “retrofit by EV West”, a twenty-minute report by Jehu Garcia, which takes us behind the scenes of EV WEST. With in the spotlight, the transformation of a replica of a 1957 Porsche 356 Speedster. The opportunity to discover the famous Californian workshop and its team, who tell us more about how they proceed according to them.


Behind the scenes at EV West for a truer-than-life Speedster

That Porsche is just a replica. the founder of EV West explains that the rebuilding of this Porsche allows us to avoid a restoration before a possible conversion to electric. Logical.

This replica of the 356 is based on the original plans provided by Volkswagen. Nevertheless, the mechanical engineers have slightly modified them so that the new electric components can be better integrated. 


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In the report, the mechanical engineers explain how the different elements of the transmission are assembled and their particularities. From the batteries to the controller, through the engine, each of these parts requires a particular technique to be assembled together.

This replica of the Porsche 356 serves as a test. The goal for the garage is to transform more, and faster.

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