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Retrofuture and CarJager join forces to offer the best in retrofitting.

by Retrofit-Daily

Retrofuture* has joined forces with CarJager** to offer its customers privileged access to the 35,000 items in its new partner’s catalogue. A constructive partnership, with the aim of securing future electric conversions on older vehicles, safe and reliable at all levels.

Porsche 912, converted to electric by Retrofuture and screenshot from the CarJager site.


An innovative partnership

Retrofuture*, the brand with more than 70 pre-sales in less than 6 months, and CarJager**, the guaranteed buy/sell platform for classic cars, have joined forces to develop a tailor-made offer.

CarJager will offer Retrofuture customers access to its catalogue of more than 35,000 classified ads for classic cars for sale, the most extensive on the market. This is an opportunity to bring together two major players in the classic car industry to make the most reliable and secure electric conversions.

*Retrofuture is the leader in retrofitting classic vehicles in France and a founding member of the AIRe association. **CarJager, the leading digital player in the vintage and collectible car market.


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Securing the retrofit of vintage cars.

Retrofuture, a major player in retrofitting in France, will ensure the 100% electric, secure and certified transformation, according to specifications specific to each model. 

For its part, CarJager will offer Retrofuture’s customers access to its catalogue of multi-brand vintage car classified ads for sale. An innovative start-up, CarJager offers to secure purchases thanks to its expertise, delivery, registration, warranty and financing services.

The retrofit must be extremely secure and framed and must not leave any rights to the approximate. For Retrofuture, the priority is to convert vintage cars that are safe and reliable at all levels. Therefore, we are delighted to establish a partnership with CarJager, which brings real expertise and guarantee,” comments Arnaud Pigounides, founder of Retrofuture.

CarJager has a passion for classic cars. The big cities are betting on electric cars, they banish the old ones from their centers making impossible any mobility – passion. Retrofuture, a pioneer in retrofitting, allows us to reintroduce the silhouettes we love so much into cities, while allowing us to return the car to its original thermal configuration. CarJager is delighted to be able to support Retrofuture in the acquisition of its fleet to create the very best in retrofitting,” said Vladimir Grudzinski, founder of CarJager.

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