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Riding in 2 cv electric with the conversion kit of the Mehari Club

by Retrofit-Daily

After EDEN, the 100% electric Méhari designed and marketed by the Club de Cassis, the company is now launching R-Fit, a conversion kit initially intended for 2 cv retrofits.

2 cv electric with R-Fit Conversion Kit
Launch of R-Fit, the 100% electric conversion kit proposed for 2 cv in a first step. Photo by Cathy Dubuisson

R-fit, the electric conversion kit for 2 cv

Labelled “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (Living Heritage Company), the Méhari Club (which became the 2cv Méhari Club Cassis) continues its vehicle retrofit success by offering R-FIT. A conversion kit to transform the 2cv thermal engines into 100% electric cars. A launch with the 2CVs, which the company knows particularly well the model.

The R-Fit Vintage branch, launched by the Cassis club, installs the conversion kit itself. This includes the electric motor, a battery pack with a range of 120 km, rechargeable in 3h30 on a conventional 220v socket.

When is the approved 2 cv electric, when is it due?

The first prototypes of 2 cv electric cars equipped with the R-FIT conversion kit have been running since May 2019. And as the kit’s technology is derived from EDEN, the 100% electric Méhari, it is highly likely that the homologation of R-Fit with Utac will take a few weeks. After the publication of the Retrofit text in the Official Journal scheduled for next spring.

2 cv electric with R-Fit conversion kit
Battery kit and charge indicator on board the electric 2 cv. Photo by Cathy Dubuisson

An electric car at the price of 13.900 euros including all taxes and installation

For the retrofit of an electric 2 cv car, equipped with the R-Fit kit, you will need to count 12 000 € including VAT, plus the installation costs, carried out by a professional retrofit specialist, up to 1900 €. This amounts to a transformation of 13 900 €. Excluding vehicle. The 2 CVs proposed by their owners must be in very good condition. And to pass the technical control, except emission.

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The Eden experience. The electric mehari in homage to the original version

In 2017, the Méhari club of Cassis launches EDEN. The electric Méhari whose company ensures the assembly and distribution. Three years later, 60 units are circulating on French roads. To find out more about the EDEN electric mehari, click here.

Engine, battery architecture, intelligence, we use the experience gained with our Eden to launch R-fit” confides Stéphane Wimez, general manager of the Cassis club, to the editorial staff of Automobile Propre.

Eden, the electric Mehari
Eden, the 100% electric Mehari proposed by the 2 cv Mehari Club of Cassis since 2017

The very beginnings of the Méhari club of Cassis

The adventure starts in the 80s with 3 brothers. Georges, Gilles and Philippe are passionate about the brand with the 2 chevrons, of which they are responsible for the restoration of one of the icons with the Méhari. In 1998, Citroën stops the production of the vehicle and decides to give them the tools necessary to reproduce the parts. This is how the Cassidaine adventure around Citroën’s heritage began more than 20 years ago…

The video of the 2 cv electric with the R-Fit conversion kit :

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