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The Alfa Romeo Giulia reinvented in electric by TOTEM Automobili

by Retrofit-Daily

The Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Electric is the electric conversion project unveiled by TOTEM AUTOMOBILI. The Italian preparer started from the Giulia in 1965, keeping only 10% of the chassis and then transforming it into a modern, elegant and electric racing car. It was to make its first appearance at the prestigious Goodwood Speed Festival, canceled this year, for health reasons related to the Convid

alfa romeo electric
Design of the Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Electric. Photos: TOTEM AUTOMOBILI


La Giulia gt electric with the air of “James Bond Car”

From the inside to the outside, nothing was left to chance by the preparer. The LED optics and the work on the body modernize the car while keeping a retro style. With a power of 525 hp and 920 nm of torque, the Giulia GT Electric accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 3.4s. To achieve such performance, a 54 kWh battery was installed.

These performances are also due to the lightness of the car since the chassis is now entirely made of aluminum and the bodywork of carbon fiber.


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In preparation, we will have to wait to see this Alfa Romeo. The price has not been revealed but it will surely turn our heads as much as the beauty of the car.


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