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The incredible raffle of the electric 911 Porsche

by Retrofit-Daily

It all starts with an e-mail from Bonnie. With the subject line: “Win our Zelectric Tesla-Powered Porsche!“. Bonnie tells me there’s an electric 911 Porsche to win? A very attractive case. Especially since it’s retrofitted by zelectric motors.

The mail of the tombola electric 911 porsche
Image evidence. Screenshot of the e-mail received.

“Win a 1968 electric 911 Porsche” 911 and $20,000

Breaking news! All hands on deck! Mission “How to win this big green 500hp jewel parked at the foot of the Peterson Museum“. American style raffle, the principle is simple. The more tickets you buy, the more you raise the jackpot… And the more you increase your chances of winning. 

Converted to electric by Zelectric Motors, this American-style retrofit of a show all by itself. Not surprisingly, just a few miles from Hollywood…

For the occasion Zelectric Motors has partnered with the Peterson Museum (Los Angeles Museum of the Automobile) to support its work for students in disadvantaged communities. We now have every reason to spread the word across the Atlantic to raise the prize pool!

The presentation of this American raffle: 

To enter the contest: 

The electric 911 porsche
The Tesla-powered 911 Porsche, retrofitted by Zelectric Motors. Photo : Zelectric Motors.

A vintage electric car and a few liberties…

This electric classic car is none other than the first electric 911 Porsche equipped with a Tesla engine, Model S P85 of more than 500 hp. Quite a transformation for a vehicle that initially had only 90 hp. 

Inside, the interior is still very premium with heated racing seats and a touch screen. Other features: solar panel, sports suspension and drilled disc brakes, LED lighting, Bluetooth sound system with Alpine speakers and subwoofer – all equip the electric porsche 911.

Zelectric Motors, a story that starts in 2006 in California

This electrical conversion comes to us from San Diego, California. Made by Zelectric Motors, specialist of Volkswagen and Porsche of the 50’s and 70’s decades. 

It all starts in 2006, with a simple question. “Wouldn’t it be cool if the past and the present coexisted, with the electric conversion of vintage cars?”

Obsessed with the end result, Zelectric Motors relies on a new driving experience. The mechanics are meticulously tuned and improved. Suspension, brakes, headlights, wipers, etc. Each vehicle is smoothly transformed while preserving its historical heritage. Handmade production and tailor-made creations.

For information, the lucky owner of a Beetle can have a classic car converted to electric at Zelectric Motors for a price starting at $62,000 (56 K€).

Electric Beetle vw
An electric beetle retrofitted by Zelectric Motors. Photo : Zelectric Motors.

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