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The VW electric van, retrofitted by Volkswagen and its partner e-Classics

by Retrofit-Daily

This 1966 VW electric van presented by Volkswagen and e-Classics is electric! Heavier but also more powerful, its maximum speed is 130 km/h. The manufacturer is announcing on this occasion that owners of T1, T2 and T3 will soon be able to have their vehicle converted.

electric van
The 1966 VW electric van from 1966 retrofitted by e-Classics and the German manufacturer.
Photo: SP/Volkswagen

The famous Volkswagen van T1, goes electric

After the e-kaffer (electric beetle), presented in September 2019, e-Classics and Volkswagen present e-Bulli. The 1966 electric van from 1966 has been converted from a combustion vehicle to an electric vehicle.

Volkswagen is therefore continuing to work with its partner e-Classics to convert iconic internal combustion vehicles to electric.

Renamed e-Bulli for the occasion, the “T1 Samba Bus”, which has been converted to electric, has obviously not been modified in terms of bodywork. Only the famous round headlights are now LED. 

The recharging socket is hidden behind the license plate.

The interior of the electric van transformed by e-Classics, has kept its 8 seats, with new leather upholstery, sewn for the occasion.

Interior of the electric van
New upholstery and gearshift lever for this converted electric van.
Photo: SP/Volkswagen

An electric motorization that improves the vehicle

Lifting the small rear hood reveals the new 61 kW (83 hp) electric powerplant, which replaces the original four-cylinder flat engine.

The 83 hp electric motor, with 212 Nm of torque, is powered by a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 45 kWh. 

Heavier but more powerful, its top speed is limited to 130 km/h, 25 km/h faster than the original 105 km/h thermal version. 

As on the brand’s modern electric vehicles, the battery is placed under the floor of the vehicle in a central position. The range of this electric van is expected to exceed 200 km. The battery could be recharged in 40 minutes, for 80% of its capacity, on a 50 kW quick charge terminal.

The concept incorporates a new gear lever, a neo-retro instrument panel, a wooden floor and a canvas sunroof.

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Electric engine on the Volkswagen T1
New electric motorization for this transformation into e-Bulli.
Photo: SP/Volkswagen

A little gem that has become ideal for going away for a weekend with a surfboard on board… The German manufacturer announces that it will be possible to convert any Volkswagen T1 into an electric van. This 1st conversion within the framework of this partnership Manufacturer / Transformer (e-Classics), is scheduled to be offered soon to all VW van owners, whether T1, T2 or T3.

For a conversion to electric starting from 64 900 €.

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