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An electric Porsche 911, transformed into a 700 hp supercar

by Retrofit-Daily

This retrofitted 1977 Porsche 911 with an electric motor from Tesla, develops 700 horsepower and breathtaking performance … A transformation into a supercar that will be a milestone in the history of electric retrofitting.

Accessories for the electric Porsche 911
Momo steering wheel of the electric Porsche 911 “E-RWB”

A 1977 Porsche 911, zero emissions

Gone is the flat-six initially housed in the back of this mythical Porsche 911. It is replaced by a Tesla electric engine, Model S.

Presented in 2018 at the Sema Show in Las Vegas (American show of car customization), this electric Porsche 911 was retrofitted by the Streetfighter LA tuner and the EV West conversion specialist, on a 1977 model. Although the supercar looks like a first generation model (1963-1973).

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A 700 hp electric Porsche 911

The replacement by the Tesla engine of the Model S, brings a power of 710 hp. When you know that the Tesla Model S P100D passes the test from 0 to 100 km/h in only 2.7 seconds, you can imagine the performance of this much lighter 911 engine…

This electric retrofit, which was simple at first sight, didn’t require any chassis or body modification. The only exception for this transformation from a combustion car to an electric one: new suspensions but also new brakes. Power is a must!

Accessories for the electric Porsche 911
New BBS wheels installed by the tuner on the Porsche 911 electric “E-RWB”

It’s got all the makings of a supercar

Streetfighter LA has nevertheless added wide fenders and new BBS wheels to reinforce the sporty look of this electric Porsche retrofitted for the occasion. Transformed into a “neo-retro” version, the interior also benefited from some modifications by welcoming a chromed roll cage, a Momo steering wheel with a new upholstery.

Named E-RWB after the tuner Rauh Welt Begriff, a large kit was fitted by Akira Nakai himself, founder of the company. This electric Porsche 911 can directly enter the supercar category because of its new exceptional performances.

Interior conversion of the electric Porsche 911
Chrome roll cage and new upholstery on the Porsche 911 electric “E-RWB”

What range for this electric supercar?

The battery only has a capacity of 32 kWh, so the range is 150 kilometres for “average” driving. On the other hand, it is easy to imagine that on a circuit, the 700 hp deployed will inevitably reduce the time of the “ballad”…

To discover the video of the Porsche 911 electric E-RWB:

To listen to the interview of the retrofit specialists in California: EV West and Zelectric Motors who will present in 2019 their Porsche 912 equipped with a Testla S P 85 engine, with 550 hp, 6 times more than in its original version… With an LG Chem battery pack (smaller than the Tesla S) with a range of 140 km:

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