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e-Bus, the VW van electric transformed by the American retrofit specialist

by Retrofit-Daily

EV West, the California-based specialist in the conversion of internal combustion engines to electric vehicles, has been given a copy of the legendary VW van by the American branch of Volkswagen. A transformation that will mark the history of electric retrofit, with a first model with a range of 125 km.

VW van Electric
Volkswagen van electric transformed by EV West for the American branch of vw

VW van, the most iconic of recreational vehicles

Presented for the first time in 1950, the electric VW van was then equipped with the engine and axles of the Beetle. Based on the 1972 van type 2, with the undivided front window, the Californian retrofit company EV West brought the e-Bus to life…
Produced in Brazil until 2013, thousands of units are still on the road today.

The special feature of the vw van Type 2, apart from the delicious round headlights, was already linked at the time to the location of the engine at the rear. So the new electric powertrain was naturally located in the same place, instead of the 60-hp four-cylinder engine.

The VW van electric becomes the e-Bus, with 125 km range

Ordered by Volkswagen of America, the e-Bus will be equipped with the e-Golf powertrain.
Mathew Renna (Vice President G4, North America Region at Volkswagen) says, “We thought the e-Golf engine would be a perfect fit for our legacy of vintage vehicles. It’s great to see that thanks to this project the spirit of hot rodding will continue to live on in the new electric era. ” (NDRL even though she’s a German…)

The VW van electric will have a battery pack of 35.8 kWh and a range of approximately 125 km. The permanent magnet electric motor has a power of 100 kW. The batteries will be contained in customised, reinforced and fireproof enclosures, located under the front seats and at the front location of the fuel tank.

VW van Electric
Van with electric engine
Interior and engine of the electric Volkswagen van transformed by EV West for the American branch of vw

The e-Bus presented in 2019: a strong signal for retrofit around the world

The e-Bus was unveiled at the L.A Auto Show 2019. Michael Bream, founder and managing director of EV West, was very proud of the project: “We are very pleased. The fusion of a historic model from an iconic brand with today’s technology is one of the effective ways to move us closer to a more sustainable future, while continuing to enjoy our rich automotive heritage”.

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