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An electric Fiat 500, a unique experience thanks to Hertz and Garage Italia

by Retrofit-Daily

After launching “Selezione Italia”, a range dedicated to the Italian cars that have marked automotive history, the Italian branch of Hertz announces the arrival of the iconic model of the electric Fiat 500, which has been retrofitted by Garage Italia.

Electric Fiat 500
Electric Fiat 500 transformed by Garage Italia for Hertz

Italian style, plus the electric one

Its name is “Fiat 500 jolly icon-e”. Launched as an exclusive partnership, Hertz Italy customers have the opportunity to rent since summer 2019, a reinvented and fully electric classic car. A unique experience combining the unmatched charm of the classic car, revisited by Garage Italia.

An electric Fiat 500 “Premium” version

Based on an original model from the 1960s, this partnership shows that electric retrofit, or the transformation of a combustion car into an electric car, has a bright future ahead of it …
The fiat 500 jolly icon-e is equipped with a rear-wheel drive electric motor, hand-woven natural rope seats and period bodywork, with matching rims to achieve a high quality finish. The gearbox has been kept but slightly customized with its two-speed “wink” gear lever.

This unique model completes the “Selezione Italia” offer which brings together the best of “Made in Italy” cars. The only condition for renting this little jewel in Italy is the minimum age of the driver, which has been increased to 30 years old, instead of 23 or 25 years old for the other models.

Fiat 500
Fiat 500
Inside the fiat 500 jolly icon-e
Interior of the fiat 500 jolly icon-e transformed by Garage Italia for Hertz

A partnership between tradition and modernity

Massimiliano Archiapatti, Managing Director of Hertz Italy says: “We are very proud of this new partnership with Garage Italia. It offers our customers a tailor-made electric Fiat 500 that is fun to drive and has a real Italian touch. (…) In Italy, we are proud of our traditions, of our atypical culture which embodies authentic design, fashion, gastronomy, art, but above all hospitality. All these aspects are brought together in the Selezione Italia range. We are constantly looking for new driving experiences for our customers. With Garage Italia we have found how to offer something unique. »

Enrico Vitali, CEO of Garage Italia adds: “For Garage Italia, this partnership with Hertz is a great opportunity to launch a new activity related to the Icon-e project. A subtle blend of tradition and modernity, a search for aesthetics and know-how, combining technological innovation and the development of electric power, all in the name of sustainable development and style. »

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Vincent Gillet, Vice President of International Marketing at Hertz, concludes: “For Hertz’ first collaboration with Garage Italia, we wanted to create an emblematic offer embodying the philosophy of Selezione Italia and offering our customers an exclusive, upscale and fun experience. This is a real plus for Selezione Italia – and it’s just the beginning! »

electric Fiat 500
Three models of the Fiat 500 jolly icon-e transformed by Garage Italia for Hertz

Video presentation of the Fiat 500 Jolly “Spiaggina” Icon-e, by Hertz Italy:

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