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EV Europe: from the T1 to the VW transporter, via the DS, or the electric utility vehicle

by Retrofit-Daily

In the Netherlands, EV Europe is positioned as one of the leaders in the conversion market with a global offer. From classic cars to electric utility vehicle. 

EV Europe, from electric utility vehicle to vw combi bikes

EV Europe was born in 2018 in the Netherlands from the merger between Heijnsdijk Electric Cars and EV Custom. This merger between a specialist in components for electric vehicles, and a custom-made transformer, results in a complete offer for the transformation of thermal cars into electric cars.

Vincent Heijnsdijk and Peter-Jan Schouten, the two founders, thus create a leading company on the electric mobility market with a global offer.

Citroën DS electric and HY converted by EV Europe

The electrical conversion of the DS starts with a restoration. The original cabin now houses the batteries and other components hidden under the seats and hood.

A special feature of this electrical retrofit, typical of the DS, is that the hydraulic system has been retained, powered by an electric motor that runs the system identically.

Citroën HY, the electric utility vehicle

Commissioned by Bitter & Real (local Kraft coffee company), the aim was to build an electric food truck that was as practical as possible and could operate completely independently.

Fully equipped, the electric utility, or rather electric food truck, still weighs 3 tons.  An electric motor HEC-50-DS was installed on board, delivering 250 Nm and 30 kWatt. 

A 144 V and 29 kWh battery has been placed under the floor of the electric food truck to preserve the interior space.

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The roof of the 12 m2 electric food truck is equipped with solar panels and delivers 1800Wp solar energy, which is used to charge the batteries and work autonomously.

Electric utility vehicle
The Citroën HY, transformed into an electric van for Bitter & Real.

The electric vw suit 

In response to a request from a municipality, EV Europe carried out the electrical conversion of several T5 and T6 type VW Transporters. 

The conversion has been developed in a standardised way, replacing the combustion engine (or fossil energy, as you like;) with a 250 Nm electric motor. The battery is a LiFePo4 chosen for its robustness. Moreover, the electric vw combi vw regularly tows a 1500 kg trailer. 

The dashboard works in the same way as with the combustion engine, giving the speed of the electric motor and the temperature of the motor / controller.

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