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EVCO, the retrofit of the electric beetle that moves the lines in Bogota

by Retrofit-Daily

After their launch in 2017, EVCO has already carried out more than forty conversions of internal combustion vehicles to electric vehicles. This success has led the company to approach the Colombian government to oversee local electrical retrofitting.

electric beetle
The electric beetle retrofitted in Colombia.
Photo: EVCO

The electrical conversion of all cars

In 2017 in Colombia, Miguel Castillo and Andrés García decide to create EVCO, to convert thermal cars into electric ones. It all starts with an electric beetle from 1961, on which they will install a 72-volt electric system for 33 kW of power.

Three years later, EVCO already has 40 electric conversions of vehicles. From the electric jeep willys of 1954 to a Renault Kwid of 2019, as well as many models from other manufacturers such as Mercedes, BMW, Mazda, Mini, etc., EVCO has already converted 40 vehicles to electric power.

EVCO does not stop at just one model. Their activity of converting thermal vehicles into electric vehicles concerns all cars, whether old, utility or contemporary…

electric beetle
The electric Beetle retrofitted by EVCO.
Photo: EVCO

From the electric vw Beetle to the 2009 Mini Cooper

The simplicity of the model obliges, EVCO has transformed more than fifteen vw Beetles into electric ones. 

Far from stopping at models with simple mechanics, EVCO has also tackled the conversion of internal combustion vehicles into electric vehicles, which is more difficult to achieve. Like a 2009 Mini Cooper. The on-board electronics made this retrofit a real challenge… 

Example with the electric power steering, whose information was transmitted by the petrol engine. To solve the problem, EVCO designed specific circuits to continue to transmit this information. 

Another black spot overcome by the company with the batteries placed in place of the tank. These had to be protected by a specially designed structure.

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The EVCO chain and their first retrofit of an electric vw combi


The regulation of electrical retrofitting in Colombia

In Colombia, sustainable mobility is being promoted. The transformation from thermal to electric vehicles is therefore supported by the government. 

Rules favouring the import of electric vehicles and spare parts have been put in place without any import tax. This favours the activity of EVCO, which imports the electric parts used for the transformations such as motors, batteries, controllers, chargers etc.

Electrical retrofitting is currently not supervised in Colombia. No homologation is required for the transformation of internal combustion vehicles. Based on its experience, EVCO has approached the authorities to set up regulations in collaboration with the government.

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