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London Electric Cars: cheap electric cars and electric Land rover

by Retrofit-Daily

The London Electric Cars adventure began with the electrical conversion of a 1953 Morris Minor. Since then, the micro garage has been transformed into a small business with 9 employees in South East London. With the desire to offer cheap electric cars, this success across the Channel has seen its order book explode… 

Electric land rover
Land Rover. Photos: Richard Brannen and Rohit – Unsplash


A Morris Minor and electric cars for almost everyone.

From the start, the objective has remained the same. Offer cheap electric cars through conversion. While waiting for the cost of batteries to drop… The small company counts among its customers large hotel chains, universities, filmmakers, but also owners of family cars.

London Electric Cars has already received numerous requests. For almost all vehicles: Morris Minors, Vans and Travelers, VW Beetles, Camper Vans and Karmann Ghias, Land Rover Series and Defenders, Citroën HY Vans, Ford Anglias… All are of course not economically viable for conversion to electric.


Morris Minor
Morris Minor
Matthew Quitter, founder of London Electric Cars and his team. Photos: London Electric Cars

London Electric Cars has already converted three vehicles into circulation. Many others are being converted such as the VW Camper Vans T1 and T2, the Karmann Ghias, Land Rover Series and Defenders, Citroën HY Vans, Ford Anglias, Fiat Multipla, Bond Bug and a Nissan S-cargo. The most popular are the Morris Minor, the Mini Rover and the Land Rover Series.


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1996 mini rover converted to electric for London

Converted to electric for the Department of Renewable Energies at the University of Birmingham, the mini rover was designed to allow them to explore alternative solutions for heating electric vehicles. The mini rover is equipped with a Nissan Leaf engine, with a power of 20 kWh and a range of around one hundred kilometers. Daily operating costs are around 2 euros per mile driven. Or 1.6 km.

The costs of a similar conversion start from £ 25,000 or € 28,500. And climb to £ 33,000 for 180 km of range. Note in passing that this small old electric car is also exempt from urban tolls and can therefore move freely in London.

Youtube Mini rover retrofitted by the London Electric Cars team


The electric land rover of 1969 series 2a

With a power of 24 kWh and a range of 50 miles (80 km). Its performance is similar to that of the original petrol engine. The electric land rover has retained its clutch, gearbox and 4WD transfer box. The driving experience is still familiar … but for now, much quieter. The conversion of land rover to electric, whether a series or a Defender, starts from € 29K. Allow 40 K € for 40 kWh and 128 km of autonomy.


electric land rover
Electric Land Rover retrofitted by London Electric Cars. Photos: London Electric Cars

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