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Retrofuture, retrofit of iconic cars

by Retrofit-Daily

“Classic car styling, zero emissions and without the hassle of a combustion engine.” The promise of Retrofuture, specialist in electric retrofit on classic cars, makes many people dream about it… With its selection of 15 models ready for conversion, the Parisian startup is already arousing a lot of interest.

The retrofit imagined by Retrofuture
The style of the old ones, zero emissions by Retrofuture

A selection of 15 vintage electric cars

Retrofuture, arrives on the retrofit market with a selection of 15 iconic vehicles, chosen to be retrofitted. The principle of retrofit on older vehicles remains the same, i.e. replacing the thermal powertrain with a battery pack and an electric motor. A small revolution in the history of the automobile, which will make it possible to continue to drive “for eternity” with these vehicles that have become almost “fetishes”.

If the cost of retrofit is still high for some people, Retrofuture, whose founder is none other than Arnaud Pigounides, co-president and founding member of the AIRe association (Actors of the Electric Retrofit Industry), has chosen to propose an offer for all budgets ranging from 19 000 to 60 000 €.

A wide choice proposed to all vintage lovers, for all needs. From the city, to a family getaway. Starting with the “Small” range with the Fiat 500, then the “Pleasure” models such as the MG-B, or the “Medium” and its popular Volkswagen T3 Combi (from €32,000).

The imagination around electric vintage cars can quickly fly away. The brand has also chosen to create two ranges, more prestigious with the “Premiums” or the “Exceptionals”, bringing together top-of-the-range vehicles such as the Porsche 912, the Range Rover but also the famous Ford Mustang… A retrofit of classic cars that has something to make you dream, between 45 and 60,000 euros, car included.

A promising start with pre-sales

Nice surprise at the beginning of this year for Retrofuture. In an economic context in half-tone for the automotive market, the opening of pre-sales of the 15 models of the brand, shows a real appetite … With all due respect to the purists of vintage cars. Barely two months old (November 2019), the opening of pre-sales has already reached its objective. Out of the 100 units offered at the start, 64 have already been pre-ordered…

A craze that also concerns professionals. The food truck phenomenon has already led the brand to position itself on iconic SUVs such as the Citroën HY, which was produced until 1981 in nearly half a million units.

Iconic cars guaranteed for 3 years

Selected by Retrofuture, the cars are included in the sale price. As well as the retrofit, batteries, drive chain, safety controls and simple electronic meter. Only the range and touch-screen option are offered at the moment. Delivery of the first retrofited models will begin in June 2020.

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The retrofit for all vintage cars?

While retrofit responds to a number of issues (CO2 emissions, circular economy, job creation, etc.), there are exceptions to its authorisation in France. Not concerned by retrofit: vehicles less than five years old, still under manufacturer’s warranty, but also collectors’ cars. These models, which are more than thirty years old and have the famous “carte grise”, must keep their original engine in order to obtain the “Collection” pass.

The range of retrofited electric cars

The range of the retrofited cars varies from 120 to 200 kilometres, depending on the model and the KW/h option chosen by the purchaser. Knowing that French drivers travel an average of 20 to 40 km/day to get to work, this leaves enough reason to seriously consider these vintage electric cars as a solution for everyday mobility. Weekend included!

And if you’re looking for where the electric recharging points are located to establish your route, you should know that there are now more than 28,000 recharging points installed throughout France (i.e. +29% between March 2018 and 2019). 100,000 recharging points are planned between now and 2022.
Electric mobility in France is well underway! Click here to consult the map of the terminals installed in France.

Turning a combustion car into an electric one, a virtuous solution

Arnaud Pigounides, founder of Retrofuture and co-president of the AIRe Association explains :
Electric cars don’t necessarily have to be recent models and even less batteries on four wheels. They must make people dream and give them pleasure. Retrofit gives a second life to petrol or diesel cars. It is a virtuous and circular economy solution to avoid putting in the garage or scrapping internal combustion cars that are subject to numerous maluses, traffic restrictions, rising fuel prices… Driving a vintage electric car not only allows you to pollute less, but above all to find another driving pleasure and to see the cars you have loved for a long time and forever.

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