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Retrospective Scooters. From restoration to retrofit of vintage scooter.

by Retrofit-Daily

Niall McCart started restoring vintage scooters in 2000, in a garden shed in East London. 20 years later, the garage in Walthamstow is now 320 m2 and is transformed for the occasion into a showroom. Retrospective Scooters still offers today the restoration of vintage Vespa & Lambretta scooters. But not only that…

electric scooter
Vespa and Lambretta scooters retrofitted by the workshop. Photo: Retrospective Scooters and Aaron James

Vintage electric scooters… So 21st century!

Far from stopping at the thermal engine and probably following the tightening of traffic rules in London … Since 2018, Retrospective Scooters provides the electric conversion of vintage scooters. Riding a vintage electric scooter in London…? Brilliant idea.

The workshop of 8 employees starts the electric retrofit of scooters. They then imagine the 1st vintage electric scooter conversion kit in the world. For Vespa and Lambretta Niu, but also for more modern scooters like the Royal Alloy.

The conversion kits are all equipped with a 3 kw motor, with hub in a swing arm, suitable for all vintage scooters. Vespa or Lambretta. 

Conversion kit for an electric scooter
The conversion kit designed and installed by the Workshop. Photo: Retrospective Scooters
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The electric conversion of scooters from the 1950s to today

The main models of vintage scooters in Vespa and Lambretta have undergone an electric conversion. From the beginning of the 50’s until today 5 models of vintage scooters with classic gears have been converted. 

Two options. The customer buys the electric conversion kit for the scooter he already owns (count 3,800 €). Or Retrospective Scooters provides the retrofitted scooter. The most popular today is the Vespa Small frame kit, designed for the small vintage scooter produced from 1963 to the end of 1994. Very cute and very popular all over Europe.

Electrical conversions on rarer scooters

The workshop doesn’t stop there. They have just made a 4kw version with disc brake, on a 1965 Vespa Sprint. Equipped with two batteries and a spare switch, the vintage electric scooter can switch from one battery to the other for more autonomy. This electric conversion, thus allows a range of 150 km for a speed of 90 km/h. 

Same on the NSU Prima V, a German scooter from 1960. Everyday scooter for Niall McCart. And one of their first electric conversion. Or a vintage 1962 Guizzo scooter, extremely rare, or a 1966 Ducati scooter whose original engines were irreparable.

Niall McCart, the founder, explains: 

“We did it because we wanted to keep our old scooters on the road. We did it out of passion and anticipation. The electric conversion of vintage scooters has great benefits for the environment but also for the fun of driving.”


electric scooter
electric scooter transformers
Vespa and Lambretta scooters retrofitted by the workshop. Niall McCart its founder. Photos: Scooters Retrospective

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