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The conversion of all vehicles to electric by New Electric

by Retrofit-Daily

At New Electric in Netherlands, the conversion of vehicles to electricity concerns all types of mobility. (Mr) Anne Kloppenborg embarked on the adventure of electrical retrofitting on her own in 2008. It launches New Electric Marine in 2016, then New Electric Automotive in 2019. 

hydrogen boat, electric vehicles conversion
Proof in pictures with a boat retrofitted by New Electric.
Photo: New Electric


Electrical conversion for all mobilities 

The demand from private individuals for the conversion of old cars to electric remains important for the company. And for good reason, with access to cities made more difficult in the coming years for thermal power, owners of old cars wish to be able to pass them on to the next generations. 

And as it works for cars, we might as well continue with trucks and commercial boats! Dutch are rationals. 

From the location of the various company sites (R&D in Amsterdam, the electric navy in Middenmeer, electric conversions in Staphorst) to electrical conversion engineering, New Electric develops, tests and certifies electric powertrains, with a modular and scalable approach.


electric vehicles conversion
Anne Kloppenborg in her studio.
Photo: New Electric


Electric vintage vehicles conversion for models that don’t have their “e” version.

Many vehicles come from small production lines and do not yet offer electric versions. New Electric is therefore carrying out the first conversion on a pilot vehicle. This makes it possible to develop a conversion KIT adapted to the model, then to carry out the retrofit of old cars on small series. 

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Tailor-made electrical conversion kits

New Electric develops conversion kits according to each model. This makes it possible to provide the best electrical conversion solution according to the power and initial torque of almost all vehicles. As for the electric batteries, they are chosen according to their chemistry and capacity, in order to ensure the best autonomy according to environmental conditions.

New electric proposes conversions ranging from 10,000 euros for urban vehicles to 100,000 euros for heavy goods vehicles. Information to be found on their website.


Fully Charge’s report on New Electric: 


Hydrogen boat and truck 

For large vehicles or ships, New Electric offers hydrogen hybrid systems. Developed for commercial ships up to 100 tons, their first application was on a 7.5-ton GVW truck, converted to a hydrogen-powered truck. A good start. This will be followed by two tugs with a combined weight of 100 tonnes converted into hydrogen-powered ships.


From the electric utility to the “e” muscle car 

The ambition and talent of the 15-strong team will not stop at the heavyweights. The future projects of the company will aim at the electric conversion of electric utility vehicles such as the electric ambulance, the electric tractor, the hydrogen bus, the electric tugboat… New Electric is growing fast and is giving itself the means to achieve its ambitions.

The Netherlands also promotes the electric conversion of internal combustion vehicles with a tax incentive allowing a reversion of about 12.5% of the budget to the customer.


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