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Transform your thermal scooter into an electric one in 48 hours with NOIL

by Retrofit-Daily

With nearly two million scooters on the road, France has only 2% in electric version. To accelerate their number on our roads, NOIL proposes to transform a thermal scooter into an electric one in less than 48 hours. A European first.

Turning a thermal scooter into an electric one is possible.
From left to right: Clément Fléau and Raphaël Setbon and Victor Breban, all three co-founders of NOIL Motors.
Photos: NOIL


NOIL, or the gamble of electrifying scooters. A European first.

It’s the story of three childhood friends. Victor, Clément and Raphaël, all three co-founders of this 100% French innovation. A welcome adventure, as France has become the European market leader with a fleet of motorized two-wheelers (motorcycles and scooters) of more than 4 million vehicles. (*Acem’s figures)

NOIL proposes to transform two-wheelers while keeping the essential characteristics of the vehicle. These remain unchanged, but the pleasure of driving an electric two-wheeler is now silent …


electric Vespa
A nice Vespa waiting for its electric transformation.
Photo: Cátia Matos – Pexels


Scooter retrofit for everyone

The supply of new electric scooters is almost non-existent and expensive. Ride clean, yes, but

How? Being able to convert your vehicle to electric power means offering two-wheeler users an alternative to buying a new vehicle.

NOIL’s patented electrification technology is adaptable to all scooters and mopeds, vintage or contemporary. Whether it’s a Solex sleeping in the back from a garage, an old Vespa or a newer scooter.

NOIL is currently launching its activity and is initially aimed at urban customers who own Piaggio or Vespa scooters, in 50 and 125 cc versions. Easier to retrofit than a motorcycle whose architecture is designed around the engine.

On this subject, Clément FEAU, co-founder and CEO of NOIL confided to the editorial staff of ebike-generation that 40% of the requests made on their site concern scooter models larger than 125 cc.


The transformation of 2-wheeler fleets, for professionals

If transforming a thermal scooter into an electric scooter concerns private individuals, the retrofit of two wheels into an electric scooter also meets the needs of professional fleets. NOIL offers to convert delivery scooters as well as two-wheelers for municipal agents to electric.


An electric scooter in less than 48 hours. Super fast recharge time.

NOIL has developed an industrialized conversion process, which allows you to transform your thermal scooter into a 100% electric version in less than 48 hours. Starting with decarbonisation, which eliminates the exhaust, tanks and petrol engine, which are 100% recycled. 

The installation of the new electric motor is done with specially developed NOIL adapters. In addition to these are the electronic elements such as the controller and the BMS. 

A big advantage is that the removable lithium-ion batteries do not require a complete recharging cycle. And can be easily recharged from a simple standard outlet.

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