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When the Chilean sun leads to electrical conversion

by Retrofit-Daily

University of Santiago de Chile in 2010. A team designs a solar car to participate in the famous competition in the Atacama Desert. Six years later, Movener makes its first electrical conversion on a Citroen Berlingo. A look back at this beautiful Chilean adventure.

solar car
The start of the adventure with the solar car designed by the future Movener team.
Photo: Movener


A start with the design of a solar car 

Movener was born in 2010 at the University of Santiago de Chile. To take part in the Atacama Solar Challenge, the team led by Gonzalo Pacheco, designs a solar car to travel several hundred kilometers in the Chilean desert.

Two years later, the same team will take on a new challenge by creating Apollo 2. A 100% solar-powered electric vehicle covering this time several thousand kilometres in Atacama. Competing this time, with teams from all over the world.


A major player in electric mobility in Chile, Movener is becoming a local benchmark

These successes have enabled Movener to receive a support fund for the launch of its activity. But also for the development of projects related to electric mobility and solar energy. The retrofit adventure begins in 2016, with the first electric retrofit carried out on a diesel-powered Citroen Berlingo, transformed into a 100% electric and solar-powered vehicle.

The company then becomes a key player in the field. Invited to exhibit at the ECPA by the Chilean Ministry of Energy, it becomes the national reference for electric mobility. 


electric citroën berlingo
The company’s first electrical conversion led by Gonzalo Pacheco
Photo: Movener


Electrical conversion in Chile 

In Chile, from a legal point of view, vehicles weighing less than 1,200 kg can be electrically retrofitted if they were built before 1992. From a technical point of view, the conversion of an internal combustion vehicle into an electric vehicle with a combustion engine in good condition is not recommended. 

Chile is the country with the largest deposits of copper and lithium. With a record level of sunshine, Chile has the potential to become a leader in electric mobility. These numerous assets lead the public authorities to support the electromobility sector and its technological development.


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Learn how to transform your car into an electric one in Chile

Despite Chile’s strong potential, the country still lacks sufficient human resources trained in electric vehicle maintenance. 

The “Electric Vehicle Workshop” proposed by Movener, aims to provide the tools and general knowledge for future electric mobility professionals and technicians. The company shares its experience by offering to learn how to transform your car into an electric vehicle through training courses. To date, more than 400 technicians and engineers have already been trained.



2019, Movener decides to convert a vintage car to electric

More than 21 million VW Beetles have been produced worldwide, and the VW Beetle first arrived in Mexico in 1954. Chile quickly took over this iconic model because of its low maintenance and low fuel consumption. 

In 2019, Movener decided to convert the old car into an electric Beetle. The company then developed a mobile charging station for electric vehicles, equipped with solar panels.

The conversions offered range from around 5,300 euros for a range of 50 kilometres to around 9,300 euros for just over 100 kilometres.


Electric Beetle
Electric Beetle
The retrofitted ladybird and the solar trailer imagined in Chile.
Photo: Movener

Movener’s Youtube channel: https://youtu.be/JPxX8PMtabg

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